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 Unfortunately some companies find it necessary to resort to some of these tactics. 

We never do these because  we don't need to. 

Our design, pricing, and service enable Smart Solar Design to serve you better.

You can view the detailed whitepaper by selecting the download button below. The summary descriptions are listed below for your convenience.

Common Solar Scams!

  • Telling you that it is OK for a roofer to design and install the system.
  • Not providing you with the cost-per-watt value.
  • Trying to sell you a leased or power-purchase agreement when you don't need it.
  • Using unrealistic future estimates to make the solar system look more financially attractive.
  • Equipment Scams - there are at least seven scams to avoid
  • Promising that the utility will pay you back forever
  • Not mentioning real-time panel monitoring until you have already signed an agreement
  • Justifying that their price is higher because they are a bigger company
  • Applying the high pressure sales technique to get you to sign something
  • That property value appreciation will justify the system financials
  • Misrepresenting the warranty

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