Why do you need a Generator?


Generator's provide electricity for your home when the electricity grid shuts down either due to a calamity or a purposeful act by the utility.  We provide smaller generators that power just a few items like the refrigerator, toaster oven, and some lighting or larger systems that power your entire home and turn on instantly when the grid goes down. 

During a grid shut down generators enable:

(1) Fresh food in the refrigerator,

(2) Air Conditioning in the heat of summer,

(3) Medical equipment

(4) Safety lighting, video, home alarms at night

(5) Access to the internet via your computer

(6) Peace of mind

Generator or Battery?

We have installed many battery systems as well as generators.  They each have a purpose.

Batteries are great at reducing your energy bill since they can reduce your energy consumption during peak hours.  They also provide some electricity contribution during a grid shut down.  Most 13kwh sized batteries can power your home for about 2 hours before needing to be recharged from your solar panels.  They also cannot run large energy loads like Air Conditioning.

Generators are great in emergencies and can meet your entire energy needs.  They can run indefinitely and are considered highly reliable.

Here is a brief side-by-side comparison:


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