Quite Simply Here are the Reasons Why We and Our Clients Think We are the Smart Choice:

  • We custom design your system since everyone's needs are different
  • Our pricing is amazing since we don't have large warehouses, advertising, or sales people to drive up the cost.
  • Our designs use the latest technology including the micro-inverter instead of line-inverters
  • The equipment is warrantied for 25 YEARS!
  • We monitor your system AND we enable you to monitor it online from any computer
  • We don't use high pressure sales, unrealistic assumptions, or other tactics to "Convince" you of anything
  • Over 23+ years in experience in the Solar Industry.
  • We are local and the folks that you meet will be the people designing and installing your system
  • The city planning department loves us since our drawings are correct-the-first-time
  • We are efficient and often can get your system installed quicker than other installers
  • Our references love us, give them a call
  • Please call 858-243-4059 for a "no-pressure" chat. We love helping you!

Example Solar Testimonials - We Have More



​​Hi,I wanted to give my feedback on smart solar construction as a company to consider when installing solar.  I was helped by Lloyd and he was honest and knowledgeable. I did a lot of reference checks as well with their past customers and heard nothing but good things.


​I am very happy with Lloyd and his team.  They were very professional and clean.  Lloyd was very helpful with the permit process and it went along very smoothly.  I would highly recommend this company.


We used Lloyd for our home solar and are very happy.  We dealt with him, the owner which was nice.  They take care of everything and do it in a very timely manner.  I would highly recommend.


​Lloyd and his team are unbelievable. From start to finish, my system was up in three weeks - including HERO Loan (no out of pocket) approval, permits, SDGE and City inspections. His price was more than fair and the education I received was fair and unbiased. Thanks Lloyd and team.


​​Yep.....Smart Solar because of Lloyd!  My daughter is saving hundreds of dollars a month.


​We used Smart Solar for our PV system and couldn't be happier.  Lloyd and his team worked to get the panels in in less than 2 weeks and producing power!  Lloyd helped us sift through the hype and pick a system right for our needs.  His team was always professional and courteous and left the site clean. I went with someone I could trust.  I was not disappointed.​


​Hello, I have seen so many threads here and there.  I thought it would be better to post my own recommendations.  (Sometimes it's hard to view the replies...)

​I want to recommend Lloyd Mills of Smart Solar of Southern California as a solar installation contractor in San Diego.

​My husband and I have wanted to do solar for a long time, but all these solar companies seemed so slippery and we just couldn't imagine handing over tens of thousands of dollars to any of them.  They all had their "bit" and none of it seemed trustworthy.  We had tons of questions and it seemed that we weren't getting straight  answers or answers that assured us it would be a good decision to go with them.  Meanwhile, our SDG&E bill was so high, it was gross to keep on paying increase after increase...

​Smart Solar was open with us every step of the way about his costs, why he designed it this way, what type of panels he chose, what the newest technology was all about, etc.  

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​I would recommend Smart Solar as well.  He did  my house and is doing most of the ones here in PQ as well.


​Call Lloyd Mills of Smart Solar if you want great solar service!!!  We got our service done asap and done well!   He is a great, one-of-us type of guys that even his employees love!

​​​INA M.

​​Wealso agree.  His team did a wonderful job and we were up and installed in less than a week and running in 2 weeks with SDG&E.  I have had many friends who wasted months. Great job great price I highly recommend them and Lloyd.


​​LloydMills and his team were great! They did some minor roof work for me as well and were excellent.  I would recommend Lloyd and his team at Smart Solar to all!



​We had our solar done by Lloyd after my ultra detail-orientated wife did heavy research.  I had quotes from multiple companies and we had contracted with Solar City before figuring out that it wasn't a good deal for us and cancelling (which happened months before we talked to Lloyd). With his engineering background, he is head and shoulders above the salespeople from those other companies. We are very pleased customers Honesty. Integrity. Fair pricing.


​​Another very happy customer of Smart Solar!!! Lloyd is great...he gets the job done quickly and really knows the ins and outs of solar!  Check out his website won't be disappointed!!



​We are super happy with Smart Solar.  It's been a year now that we've had our system and we are saving so much money.  Our breakeven is way ahead of schedule.  Lloyd is trustworthy and we have had a great experience every step of the way with our system.


​Just wanted to share that I just had solar put in by Lloyd Mills and I'm so happy!  For just the month of Feb I have almost matched my output and that is with not counting the first week of Feb and with overcast weather!  I can't wait to see my next bill which is saying A LOT when for the last year I have dreaded it as my bill topped off at averaging $350 a month the last 6 months.  Lloyd is super nice, very honest and I can't say enough great things about how he walked me through the process!  Super easy.  I am a family of 7 and there was just no way we could of stayed with SDG&E with their tier prices going up and up and up...


​I recommend Lloyd too.

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